Stephen founded Gilbert Dogs 24/7 in 2009, Chandler Dogs 24/7 in 2011 and Tempe Dogs 24/7 I 2015 through a love for dogs and vision for a better way to take care of people’s fur babies. He revolutionized the dog boarding and dog day care industry in the east valley by pioneering the 24/7 cage-free environment. Time has proven this environment to be a less stressful more enjoyable place for most dogs. With an understanding of the busy world we live in, he also pioneer the 24/7 pickup and drop off model. This level of service has yet to be duplicated in the state of Arizona or possibly the entire country. Finally, he pioneered the movie experience through social media channels of YouTube and Facebook. Stephen is an avid dog lover with 6 dogs of his own with 5 of them coming from rescue shelters or found as strays.     LinkedIn


Brandi has been with the company two years. She started her career as a Dog Care Helper before her maternity leave in 2012. In 2013, she was promoted to Dog Care Specialist and then to Shop Supervisor. In 2014, she was promoted to Manager, Gilbert Dogs 24/7. She has 2 previous years of experience working in a veterinarian office. Brandi has 4 dogs at home to keep her son busy!    LinkedIn


Doug has been with the company since 2009. He started as the Night Supervisor at Gilbert Dogs in 2009. In 2013, he moved to his current position as Accountant. Doug has a keen knowledge of not only Gilbert Dogs, but also Chandler Dogs; he works at both locations. He is known for his friendly, helpful demeanor with a wealth of knowledge about the company and the industry. Doug’s Great Dane, Roxy, is often referred to as "the love of his life".    LinkedIn


Kristina has been with the company for over 3 years. She began her career with the company as a Dog Care Helper then moved up to the position of Dog Care Specialist in 2013. She now holds the title of Senior Dog Care Specialist. She is the shop leader on Sundays, the busiest boarding day of the week. Kristina is certified in dog handling and evaluations. She completed the Core Behavior Assessment course through Pet Behavior Solutions. Kristina was a volunteer at Friends for Life Animal Rescue for 6 years. Her little JRT mix is named Radar, which she adopted from Gilbert Dogs.


Melissa has been with the company for over 3 years. She has built an excellent grooming program through her great skill as a groomer and her kind, polite style with the dogs and their parents. Melissa was promoted to Grooming Supervisor in 2013. In 2014, she was made the Manager of Grooming at Gilbert Dogs and Chandler Dogs. She then was promoted to Director of Grooming. In 2014 Melissa was recognized for best groomer in Gilbert. Melissa has 4 dogs at home.


Amaris has 12 years professional experience in show kennel, k-9 training, agility training, flyball training and obedience training. Amaris has had animals her whole life. She has two ponies, two dogs, 1 kitty, a bunny and two fish. Her hobbies include riding horses, spending time with 7 year old daughter and working with her dogs. Vet tech trained and many years of working in a veterinary setting as well as the Cuban medical training. She is now an apprentice for Melissa to learn all the tricks of grooming from the best!


Alicia has always had a passion for animals so she decided to further that passion and is currently attending college to become a Vet Tech. She started with the company in December 2014. She orginially worked at chandler dogs and is now working at Gilbert Dogs. She loves all dog breeds but has a beagle of her own named Preston.


Skyris's grooming journey began when she was 14. Her mother was a former grooming instructor as well as a master stylist, which sparked her interest to groom. In June 2014 skyris joined the gilbert dogs grooming team and has been loving it ever since! She has a boxer puppy name mollie mae at home.


Candice started working part time at Gilbert dogs as a specialist in May 2014 while juggling a full time job and raising her daughter. In October 2014, she decided to pursue what she loved and came aboard full time. She currently is night supervisor at both Gilbert and Chandler Dogs. Candice has over 2 years previous experience in the dog industry. She started her career at Petsmart Pet Hotel where she was a supervisor. She will be starting college toward her goal of becoming a veterinarian in the upcoming year. She doesn’t have a specific breed that is her favorite as she loves all dogs. She has however come to love Cane corso’s ever since she got her first one 3 years ago. She has at home her 8 month old corso pup as well as her Australian shepherd and golden/lab mix. She also has 2 black cats.


After working 34 years in the accounting and finance fields in the mining industry, Kathy retired and relocated to Florence, Arizona, with her husband to be near her children and grandchildren. Her family also consists of a 13 year old miniature Dachshund named Nicholas and an 8 year old Basset Hound named Daisy. She has never known life without a dog. After a very short retirement, she decided it was time to devote some time to something she had a great passion for, the love for animals. She soon discovered Gilbert Dogs 24/7! She began working at Gilbert Dogs in 2010 and later working at Chandler Dogs 24/7. She has held numerous positions at both the Gilbert and Chandler locations including Daycare Helper, Receptionist, Taxi Driver, and has helped with the Pet Sitting Service provided by the Company. She currently holds the position of Manager of Administration, overseeing safety, HR, and customer service. Occasionally, you’ll find her helping staff by working in the reception area at one of the shops where she gets to meet the dogs and their pet parents and she’ll tell you, that's one of the things she loves most about her job.


Leslie is a passionate animal lover. She has always grown along side with different pets throughout her life. She started at gilbert dogs in december 2014. She also works in a veterinary office located in Mesa. In the past, she has volunteered at a dog rescue shelter in Flagstaff while attending NAU, as she studied Biology. She enjoys everyday she has gone to work at Gilbert Dogs, and is always looking forward to her next day back; being as she only has two cats at home, one Bengal Kitten, Vitalia, and her precious Luna calico. Coming to work and being able to play and care for all of our wonderful guests always makes working, feel more fulfilling than any "regular job" could!


Jaime came to work for Gilbert Dogs 24/7 in September 2014. He met Gilbert Dogs 24/7 owner Stephen Biles several years ago through his employment with Spay Neuter Clinic Mesa. Being a big dog lover, naturally he very much enjoys working at Gilbert dogs. Having worked in the veterinary industry over five years he has a great appreciation for caring for our four legged friends. He volunteers as a foster for Underdog Rescue. He has a five year old chihuahua mix named "Angel" and of course he enjoys having fun with all the dogs.